Vemon 2018

Venom (2018) เวน่อม

Venom A bio-engineering probe belonging to the firm Life Foundation finds the comet, which is covered in living organisms while searching space for habitable worlds. The probe returns to Earth with four samples but one escapes , causing the ship to fall into Malaysia. The Life Foundation recovers the other three and transports them to their research center in San Francisco, which is where they learn that living symbiotes can’t survive without oxygen-breathing hosts, which can cause fatal rejection of the relationship. Journalist and investigative reporter Eddie Brock reads about the human trials in a secret document that is in the possession of his wife Anne Weying, lawyer who is working on a lawsuit defense for the Life Foundation. Brock confronts Carlton Drake, CEO of the Life Foundation, about the trials. Both Brock and Weying lose their jobs. In the end, Weying ends their relationship. Venom HD

Six months later, Drake’s Symbiosis studies are closer to being successful. But one of his symbiotes is killed by carelessness. Brock is confronted by Dora Skirth, one of Drake’s scientists, who doesn’t agree with his methods and wants to expose Drake’s methods. She assists Brock to enter the research facility in search for evidence. He finds out that an acquaintance of his homeless woman, known as Maria is one of the research participants. Brock attempts to save Maria but the symbiote that is in her body is transferred to his body without him realizing and leaves her dead. Brock quickly begins to exhibit strange signs. Brock phoned Weying for help. Her boyfriend Dr. Dan Lewis discovers the Symbiote as Brock is being assessed. Drake exposes Skirth and kills the two. This leaves the symbiote inside Brock as the only living specimen.

Drake has mercenaries sent to retrieve the symbiote from Brock but it manifests within his body as a monstrous creature that fights back the attackers. Then, it presents itself as Venom to Brock and explain that the comet is searching for planets where the symbiotes could possess and consume the inhabitants. Venom is willing to help Brock by helping the symbiotes in their goal. Brock is able to make use of the superhuman abilities that the symbiote gives him. Brock attempts to enter Drake’s former workplace however, he is prevented by SWAT police officers. Weying observes Brock change into a fugitive and then takes him to Lewis’s workplace, where they inform Brock that the symbiote has affected Brock’s internal organs. Brock states that the symbiote is prone to high-pitched and flaming sounds and fire. Although Venom affirms that organ damage is reversible, Weying uses an MRI machine to isolate himself from Brock who is then captured by Drake’s men.

The fourth symbiote Riot is also on its way, hopping from one body to the next. It forms a bond with Drake and agrees to move Riot aboard a Life Foundation space probe in order to gather all the other symbiotes on Earth. Weying is reluctantly bonded with Venom to be free of Brock. Venom and Brock have a second time bonded. Venom states that he was influenced by Brock to defend the Earth from his own species. They then try to stop Drake and Riot by enlisting the assistance of Weying. Venom causes damage to the probe when it takes off, causing it to explode and kill both Riot and Drake. Brock resumes journalism after the incident. Weying believes Brock has been released from the Venom’s grasp and Venom passed away in the explosion. The two are still together, and they set out to protect San Francisco from criminals.

In the scene in the middle of the credits, Brock is invited to interview incarcerated serial killer Cletus Kasady who boasts of “carnage” in the event of his escape.

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