Godzilla Resurgence 2016

Godzilla Resurgence (2016) ก็อดซิลล่า: รีเซอร์เจนซ์

Godzilla Resurgence  {In 2154, {humanity has|humans have|mankind has} {consumed all the earth’s resources|exhausted all resources on earth|consumed all of the planet’s resources}{, leading to a severe| which has led to an extreme| and has created a massive} energy {shortage|crisis|deficiency}. The Resources Development Administration (RDA) is the {company|firm|business} {that mines unobtanium|which mines unobtanium|that mines the mineral unobtanium}.|Humanity {has used all of|had used up all|has consumed all} the {Earth’s resources by|resources on Earth by|Earth’s resources in} 2154. This {led to|has led to|caused} {severe|extreme|massive} energy shortages.} {{is the one|is|It is the company} responsible for the {depletion|loss} of {the Earth’s natural resources|Earth’s natural resources|the earth’s natural resources}.|{The one|It is the one that is|The company} responsible for the {destruction|depletion} of {Earth’s|the earth’s|the Earth’s} {natural resources|natural resources}.}

{{Scientists make use of|Researchers make use of|Scientists use} Na’vi-human hybrids{ known| referred to|, also known} as “avatars” to {study|investigate|examine} the {biosphere|biological sphere} of Pandora.|To study {Pandora’s biosphere|the biosphere of Pandora|the Pandora biosphere}{, scientists use Na’vi-human| Scientists use Na’vi-human| researchers use human-Na’vi} hybrids{ called|, also known as| referred to as} “avatars”.} {They are genetically {matched|compatible} {human beings|humans}. Jake Sully, who is a paraplegic {former|ex-} Marine who {replaces his dead|takes over the role of his deceased|has replaced his deceased} identical twin brother in the {role|position|capacity} {of the operator of one|as the one who controls the|of the person who operates one}. Dr.|They are genetically {matched|compatible} {human beings|humans}. Jake Sully is a former Marine paraplegic{ who takes over| who assumes|, who takes on} the {role|duties} of his{ identical|} twin brother{,|} Jake Sully.} {Grace Augustine, head of the Avatar Program, considers Sully {an inadequate replacement but|as a poor replacement, but|an insufficient replacement, yet} accepts his {job|role|position} as{ a|} bodyguard. {While escorting|As he escorts|While accompanying}{ the|} avatars of Grace {and fellow scientist Dr|and her colleague Dr|as well as fellow scientist Dr}. Jake’s avatar {gets|is} {attacked and flies|injured and is thrown|struck and then flies away} into the {forest by the|forest with the help of the|woods by} Pandoran wildlife.|Grace Augustine, the head of the Avatar Program considers Sully an {insufficient replacement, but|inadequate replacement, however|unsuitable replacement, yet} she {accepts his role|accepts his position|recognizes his role} as{ a| an|} bodyguard. Dr. Jake is attacked by the Pandoran {wildlife and flees|animals and escapes|wildlife , and is forced to flee} {into the forest|to the woods}.} {{He is rescued|He is saved|The avatar is saved} by Neytiri{, a Na’vi female| Na’vi, a female from the Na’vi tribe| an Na’vi female}. After {observing|seeing} an {auspicious sign that she|auspicious sign which suggests that she|ominous sign that} {is a sign of|can bring|will bring} {good luck, she brings|good fortune, she takes|luck, she joins} {him to|Jake to|him into} her clan. {Neytiri’s mother Mo’at|The mother of Neytiri’s, Mo’at|Mo’at, Neytiri’s mother}{,|} the {spiritual leader of the clan|chief of the clan’s spirituality}{, has her daughter begged| is begging her daughter| and her daughter has begged} her to {integrate|accept|allow} Jake {into|to} the clan’s {society|social structure|culture}.|Neytiri{, a Na’vi female| is a female Na’vi|, a female from Na’vi}{, rescues him and brings| is able to save him and bring| helps him out and takes} {him back to the clan|him back to the family|Sully back to the clan}.}

{Colonel Miles Quaritch is the head of the RDA’s {private security forces|private security force|security forces} and {promises|has promised} Jake that the {company|RDA|organization} will {get his legs back|be able to get him back|return his legs} {when they discover information about|when they learn of information regarding|in the event that they uncover information about} {the Na’vi and the|the Na’vi and their|Na’vi and the} clan’s gathering {spot the giant|place, the massive|location, the huge} tree{ known|, known} as Hometree [38] {that looms|which looms|that stands} over the {biggest unobtanium mine|largest unobtanium mine|largest mine of unobtanium} {in|within} the {region|area}. Grace finds out about this and {assigns|decides to assign|gives} Jake, Norm, and themselves to {an|a} post. {Over the following|In the next|The next} {three months|three months,} Jake and Neytiri {fall in love,|are in love,|begin to fall in love} as Jake {begins to feel|starts to feel|becomes} more {connected to the natives|at ease with the indigenous people|connected to the indigenous}{When|After} Jake is {initiated|accepted|welcomed} {into|to} the tribe and{ is|} accepted {into|as a member of|by} the tribe{,| as a member,| then} {he and|Jake and|the two} Neytiri {choose each other as|decide to be|select each other as} {mates|friends|the mates}. After a {while|time|few days}, Jake reveals his change of allegiance {after he tries|when he attempts|following his attempt} to {disable a bulldozer that|stop a bulldozer which|stop a bulldozer, which} {threatens to destroy|is threatening to destroy|threatens to demolish} the sacred {site of the Na’vi|Na’vi site|Na’vi burial ground}. Selfridge demands Hometree to be destroyed{ when| after|.} Quaritch {shows a video of|presents a video of|plays a video showing} Jake’s {attack|assault} on the bulldozer {[3939 and|[3939 ] and|(393939) and} another{ one| video|} {in which|where} Jake declares that {Na’vi people|the Na’vi} will never {leave|ever leave|quit} Hometree.|Colonel Miles Quaritch, the head of {RDA’s private security force|the RDA’s private security forces|RDA’s security team}{, promises| Colonel Miles Quaritch, the head of RDA’s private security force, assure| Colonel Miles Quaritch, who is the head of the private security force at RDA} Jake that the {company’s legs|legs of the company} will be restored {when|once} they {find out|learn|discover} more about the {Na’vi and|Na’vi and|Na’vi as well as} their {gathering spot|place of gathering|ancestral home}{, the gigantic tree| The huge tree is| the huge tree,} {known as|called|that is known as} Hometree [38{]|38|3939]}. Quaritch also shows Jake’s {attack upon|assault on|fight against} the bulldozer {[3939] and|in 3939 and|[3939] as well as} another {in|one in|video in} {which|the scene in which} Jake {declares|affirms} that the {Na’vi|Na’vi} people will never {leave|ever leave|quit} Hometree.}

{Grace {claims that Hometree’s destruction|says that the destruction of Hometree|declares that Hometree’s destruction} could {result in|cause|lead to} {damage to the biological|destruction to the|harm to the biological} neural system {native|that is native} to Pandora.|Grace {asserts that Hometree’s demise|claims that the demise of Hometree|declares that Hometree’s death} could {cause damage to|damage|result in damage to} Pandora’s {biological neural system|neural system biological|brain’s neural circuits}.} {Selfridge {gives|offers|provides} Jake {one|an} hour to {convince|persuade} Na’vi{ to|} {leave before they begin|quit before they start|go away before they launch} the {attack|assault}. Jake acknowledges to Na’vi that {he is a spy|they are spying on him|the spy is him}{, and they capture him| and is captured| and they take him} {as well as|and|along with} Grace hostage. {Quaritch’s men|The men of Quaritch|Quaritch’s soldiers} {kill|take out|are able to kill} Hometree Neytiri’s father{ and|, as well as| as well as} Hometree{, the clan’s chief| Chief of the clan| the clan’s chief}{, and numerous others| as well as a host of others| and a number of other}. Mo’at {frees|releases|is able to free} Jake and Grace{, but they’re| however they are| however, they’re} separated from their avatars{ and imprisoned| and incarcerated|, and are imprisoned} by {Quaritch’s troops|the Quaritch’s soldiers|the troops of Quaritch}{Pilot|The pilot} Trudy Chacon is {horrified|shocked|disgusted} by {Quaritch’s brutality and frees|the brutality of Quaritch and releases|the cruelty of Quaritch, and she frees} Jake, Grace and Norm.|Selfridge {gives|offers|grants} Jake {an hour to convince|one hour to persuade} {Na’vi to|Na’vi to|Na’vi} {leave before they attack|quit before they strike|go away before they attack}.} {{Then she airlifts them|They are then airlifted|She then transports them} to Grace’s {post|place of work|position}.|{She then airlifts|She then transports|Then she airlifts} Grace to {Grace’s place|her home|Grace’s home}.} {Grace is {however shot|shot however|shot} by Quaritch {when she escapes|after she flees|as she escapes}.|Quaritch shoots Grace{, but| however| but} she {manages to escape|is able to escape|escapes}.}

{To {regain the Na’vi’s trust|restore the trust of the Na’vi|win back the Na’vi’s trust}, Jake connects his mind to the mind of Toruk{, an| the| who is an} animal predator {who|that} is {revered and honored|respected and revered|highly revered and honored} by the Na’vi. Jake meets the refugees {in the holy|in the sacred|at the holy} Tree of Souls and pleads {with Mo’at to cure|with Mo’at for the cure of|Mo’at to heal} Grace. The {clan attempts|family attempts|clan tries} to {transfer|shift} Grace from her{ human|} body {into her avatar with|to her avatar using|to her avatar with} the {help|assistance} of the Tree of Souls, but {she passes away|Grace dies|Grace passes away} before the process {is completed|is complete|can be completed}{Supported by|With the support of|Assisting} the new chief{ Tsu’tey,| Tsu’tey|, Tsu’tey} Jake {joins|is a part of|rejoins} the clan and {tells|instructs} {them to gather|them to unite|that they should gather} the clans{ in order|} to {fight|take on|defeat} the RDA. Quaritch {arranges|plans|organizes} {a preemptive strike|an attack in advance|an early strike} against the Tree of Souls, believing that its destruction {will discredit|will degrade|would discredit} the {natives|indigenous people}{The day before battle|On the day prior to battle|The day before the battle}, Jake prays to Eywa {through an emotional connection to|by establishing an emotional connection with} the Tree of Souls, to pray {on behalf of|for} {the Na’vi|the Na’vi}.|Jake {uses|utilizes} the Tree of Souls to connect to Toruk {to regain|to gain|in order to restore} the trust of {the Na’vi|the Na’vi|Na’vi}.}

{The Na’vi {are heavily wounded|suffer a lot of injuries|suffer serious injuries} {during the fight|in the battle|during the battle}.|The {fight|battle} {leaves the Na’vi with severe|results in Na’vi suffering severe|leaves the Na’vi with serious} injuries.} {{But, they are rescued|However, they are saved|However, they are helped} by Pandoran animals who join{ in|} the {assault|fight|battle} against {the human race|humans|humankind}.|They are saved by Pandoran {that|who} {join the attack|are part of the fight|take part in the battle} against {the human race|humans}.} {This is {Neytiri’s interpretation of|the interpretation of Neytiri’s|Neytiri’s interpretation to} Jake’s prayer. Jake is able to {destroy the bomber prior to|eliminate the bomber before|defeat the bomber before} the Tree of Souls can reach it.|{This is Neytiri’s interpretation of|This is the interpretation of Neytiri’s|Neytiri’s interpretation of} {Jake’s|Jake’s} prayer. Jake manages to destroy the bomber before the Tree of Souls can reach them.} {Quaritch {escapes from the aircraft|is able to escape from the plane|gets away from the aircraft}{, which was| that was| and is} damaged {by|in} the attack{ and|, and|. He} {finds|discovers|locates} the avatar link device {that held|that was holding|which held} Jake’s body.|Quaritch {manages to escape from|is able to escape|manages to get away from} the {damaged aircraft and locates|destroyed aircraft and discovers|aircraft that has been damaged and finds} the avatar link device {which|that} {held Jake’s corpse|was holding Jake’s body|contained Jake’s body}.} {{He exposes it|The device is exposed} to {Pandora’s poisonous|the poisonous|Pandora’s toxic} {atmospheric|atmosphere}. Quaritch is about to cut {Jake’s throat, but|the throat of Jake, but|Jake’s throat, however} Neytiri {defeats|beats|overcomes} Quaritch {by using|with} two {arrows|Arrows|bows}.|Quaritch exposes the {avatar link device|device’s avatar|device’s avatar link} to {Pandora’s poisonous atmosphere|the poisonous atmosphere of Pandora|the poisonous atmosphere of Pandora,} and is {about to slit|about to cut|set to cut} Jake’s throat. {But|However,} Neytiri {defeats|beats|is able to defeat} Quaritch {with|by launching|by using} two {arrows|Arrows|bows}.} {Jake {then sees|is then able to see|becomes aware of} his human {form|body} for the first time{ and|, and} {escapes from the wreckage of|is able to escape from the wreckage of|emerges from the wreckage} his {aircraft|plane}.|Jake finally {sees|recognizes|realizes} his human {form and escapes|body and flees}{ from|} {his plane’s wreckage|the wreckage of his plane}.}

{With the {exceptions|exception} of Jake, Norm, and {a select few others|some other individuals,|only a few others,} {the majority of humans|the majority of human beings|most humans} are {banished|ejected|exiled} from Pandora and {sent back|returned|are returned} to Earth. Jake {has been permanently transformed to|is permanently transformed into|has been transformed permanently into} his new {avatar|self|form} {through|by|via} the Tree of Souls.| {Except for|With the exception of} Jake and Norm{, most| The majority of| Most} {humans are exiled|people are banished|humans are ejected} from Pandora and {sent back home|returned} to Earth. Jake is {permanently transformed through|forever transformed by} the Tree of Souls.

Godzilla Resurgence

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