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Creed II

Creed II (2018) บ่มแชมป์เลือดนักชก 2

Creed II

Creed II Three years after losing to “Pretty Ricky Conlan”, “Pretty Ricky Conlan” Donnie Kreed was victorious in six consecutive fights. The culmination was winning against Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler and he won the WBC World Heavyweight Championship. The 1965 Ford Mustang has been given back to Donnie. Donnie is now a world celebrity is engaged to Bianca Taylor. She agrees to marry him. Donnie isn’t keen on beginning a new life in Los Angeles with Bianca because it means the couple would have to move out of Rocky Balboa.

Ivan Drago is a former Soviet boxer who was shot dead by Apollo Creed in 1985. He was later defeated by Rocky. Buddy Marcelle is his promoter and Ivan is putting Viktor Drago against Donnie. Donnie sets off towards Los Angeles after Rocky refuses his support for Donnie’s decision to take Viktor Drago’s challenge.

Donnie and Bianca move into Los Angeles in a luxury apartment close to Mary Anne, Donnie’s adopted mother, and the widow of Apollo. Bianca discovers she is pregnant while they adjust to their new lifestyles and get ready for their match. Donnie employs Tony “Little Duke” the son of the trainer of his father, and later Rocky’s coach to coach him. Donnie is shocked by recent incidents in his life, and rushes to the fight and is seriously injured. Viktor is banned from striking Donnie when he’s injured. Donnie retains the World Heavyweight Championship. Viktor is a well-known fighter in Russia and has won a variety of fights which were awarded the top spot.

Donnie’s body and ego have been damaged, and he is less enmeshed with Bianca. Mary Anne approaches Rocky and Rocky is able to reconcile with Donnie. Rocky is willing to help him train against Viktor who is going through difficult physical tests under the guidance of Ivan. Bianca has an infant daughter Amara and Rocky is named her godfather. But, Donnie and Bianca discover that Amara was born deaf and inherited the condition from her mother’s progressive hearing loss.

Viktor is known for his mockery of Donnie in public, however Viktor is always subject to the pressure of his father, who is a favorite to get the media’s attention and other Russian representatives. Ivan and Viktor are seated with Ludmilla at a dinner for the state. It’s the first time they’ve seen her for a long time after she left the group following the death of Rocky. Viktor is furious over Ivan’s interactions with the people who kicked them out. Rocky as well as Little Duke train Donnie in an abandoned area in California. They concentrate on fighting from within and train Donnie to take in the pressure Viktor puts on him when he is in the boxing ring.

Moscow is the ideal place to play a rematch since Donnie is more concentrated and more controlled than Viktor. Viktor is accustomed to knocking out victories and his fights rarely go beyond the fourth round. Donnie takes advantage of this and takes the pound from Viktor even if his ribs have been broken. Donnie unleashes a string of brutal blows at Viktor and knocks him down two times during the 10th round. Ludmilla quits Viktor following the knockdown. Ivan realizes that Viktor had been lying earlier. Viktor exhausted and surrounded by a series of strikes, refuses to give up. Ivan realises that the safety of his son is more important than Russia’s acceptance by the elite and gives up his battle in order to help his son. He comforts Viktor who is devastated and assures him it’s OK that he was defeated. Rocky blocks Bianca from going into the ring with Donnie, Little Duke and informs him that it’s his turn.

Viktor and Ivan return to Ukraine together. Donnie goes to the tomb of Apollo, where he settles his grievances and continues the legacy left by his father. Bianca also introduces his granddaughter, who has the latest hearing aid. Rocky goes to Vancouver to try to be at peace and meet his son Logan. He is struck by how much he is reminiscent of his wife of a few years, Adrian.

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